The Edge of Known Reality Cover

The Edge of Known Reality

What is life all about? How can we make sense of it? Why are we here?

It seems to be basic to being human to wonder if there is anything more to life – more that is, than just making the most of the seventy or so years that our hearts manage to keep beating.

Does God exist? Has he communicated with us? Does he have a plan for our lives?

Many cynically dismiss biblical Christianity without looking at the facts; they make judgements while ignorant of the reasons for faith.

It is foolish to reject what we do not know. Surely, we should not walk away from the faith in ignorance.

This short book will help people think seriously about the case for Jesus Christ.

The book is published by The Evangelical Press under ISBN 0 85234 600 X and ISBN13 9780852346006 and is available to purchase at many highstreet and online booksellers including

A sample chapter is available to view here as an Adobe PDF file.

About the Author

Jonathan SkinnerThe Edge of Known Reality is a book published by Jonathan Skinner. Jonathan Skinner worked for The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF). He is currently a British author, journalist, and Baptist minister. Skinner has a BSc degree in biochemistry and has taught science, working with students and discussing issues of science and faith. Skinner is a writer for the Evangelical Times, which is a monthly newspaper published in England and circulated around the world, with a readership of over 40,000. He writes on faith, social issues, politics, and religion.

Jonathan Skinner is a minister at Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath, England.